Tips for dealing with TBI
For concentration problems:
  1. Focus on the speaker's face—this helps counteract my hearing loss as well as improving concentration.
  2. Do one thing at a time, but maintain a running list of other things that need to be done. Politely refuse to be distracted unless it is an emergency.
  3. Control noise and outside stimuli.
  4. Rest when needed, and don't feel guilty about it.
For organizational problems:
  1. Post a calendar on the wall. Mark every appointment including time and phone reference.
  2. Look at the calendar each day.
  3. Keep a corresponding calendar in my purse and update it daily.
  4. Make a to-do list each night. Check it off throughout the day. Keep it current.

Bike helmets are mandatory in my family. It is the cheapest insurance possible. Even if there's nothing worth saving in your head, I tell family members, you will have lost nothing by wearing a helmet!

I always followed my own rules for living while on the road to recovery:
  1. Get dressed every day—never stay in pajamas past the time for morning coffee.
  2. Take naps—a way to respect the body's needs during recovery.
  3. Leave yourself notes—keep them in a pocket to refer to easily.
  4. Try to do something nice for someone else daily.
  5. Keep a daily journal—if only to clarify thoughts.
  6. Take high-potency vitamins under doctor's guidance and eat healthy foods.
  7. Find at least one thing to be thankful for every day.
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