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Maine Wounded Warrior Rehabilitation Program MEWWRP has regular meetings at Maine General Hospital - Thayer Campus - 149 North St., Waterville, Maine. They work with Togus, NAMI, and vet centers to provide innovative connection for the returning soldier who may be suffering from PTSD and TBI.

Operation Homefront focuses on supporting soldiers and their families while they are deployed and when they return.

The Brain Injury Association of America(BIAA) actively advocates for victims and families of victims. Regional and state rehabilitation centers are great sources of help. BIAA operates offices in every state in the nation.

The Defense and Veteran Brain Injury Center, is operated by and for the military. Because TBI is considered the "signature injury" of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the military has become proactive in caring for veterans with TBI. The organization's online newsletter, Brainwaves, features up-to-date articles and contact information for veterans.

BrainSource, an informational website operated by neuropsychologist Dennis P. Swiercinsky, Ph.D., offers useful facts about TBI. The website can be found at According to the BIAA, someone sustains a traumatic brain injury every fifteen seconds in America. Each year 1.4 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury, and 126,000 are permanently disabled annually. In addition, an estimated 320,000 U.S. veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have TBI.

Judy Hetzler Shedd, D.O., uses a homeopathic and osteopathic approach to treating TBI, a method that proved successful for me. Her website is at, produced by PBS.

Maine Neurorehabilitation Facilities: Currently in Maine there are numerous facilities specific to neuro/ABI/TBI treatment. Among them: General services at various Maine hospitals, including:

Veterans' Services
In Maine: Centralized through the Togus VA Medical Center, 1 VA Center, Augusta, ME 04330, The hospital is located just outside Augusta in Chelsea, Maine, toll-free 1-877-421-8263 or (207) 623-8411. Eight community-based outpatient clinics for veterans are located throughout the state. They are located in Bangor, Calais, Caribou, Fort Kent, Houlton, Lincoln, Rumford, and Saco. Mental health clinics for veterans operate in Bangor and Portland.

Throughout the United States: A little-known program called the Aid and Attendance Benefit provides financial assistance to eligible veterans and spouses to pay for a health-care provider after injury. The benefit covers assisted-living care either in a nursing home or in the recipient's own home. It may also pay the spouse for providing care if he or she has to leave work to care for the injured person. Contact the VA or Veteran for more details about the program.

More information on veterans services can also be found at (Maine) and (U.S.). The primary contact and referral information for veterans who think they may suffer from ABI/TBI is through Defense and Veteran Brain Injury Center,, (800)870-9244.

Defense Center of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury

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