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"This is a poignant, honest, and reflective journal of a woman whose perseverance and determination to 'be all she can be' following a traumatic event is a role model for all of us. It stresses the importance of family and the support of friends in the recovery and the importance of faith in the healing process. It shows that finding the 'right' providers/experts is essential."

Meridyth Astrosky
registered/licensed occupational therapist

"Your manuscript brought me to tears of sadness and delight many times. It is wonderful! I could feel your struggle and really couldn't put the story down. Although great strides have been made, there are still so many people who could benefit and find hope and information from your personal account."

Stacy Camire
registered/licensed occupational therapist

"The lessons of your book are useful to veterans and all others inflicted with TBI. But they have much greater range. Others could benefit from the same therapies. Stroke victims have a form of brain injury. The aging process, too, while less acute, affects the brain; many symptoms are the same."

Jim Friedlander, president
Veterans Housing Coalition of Maine

"Your book is an inspiration to me, and your advice is invaluable. As a caregiver to my sister, a TBI patient, I appreciate your honesty in revealing your personal experience. Thanks to you, I am beginning to understand my sister's actions, and I feel that I can see my way to help her. The concrete advice and the 'to do' lists are so very helpful. Watching my sister improve is like watching the hands on a clock, but there is improvement. As you suggested, we are now connected with a nearby TBI center that gives us some respite."

Martin T. Tyler, Captain (Ret.) USN, DDS, MEd, Diplomate ABOM, caregiver of TBI patient

"This is a great resource for traumatic brain injury patients and their caretakers. Very, very helpful, it is filled with practical, down-to-earth advice. It is a compelling story."

Ron Houle
licensed clinical social worker/psychotherapist

"A treasure of a book! A must-read for anyone who has a family member with traumatic brain injury or stroke, and a wonderful guide and comfort for anyone who has suffered through it! I was so touched by this book that I frequently found myself with tears in my eyes.

"In addition to working with patients with TBI, stroke, and chronic pain for forty-plus years, I became a TBI patient myself after a truck rear-ended my car on a California highway in June 2004. For the next two years I struggled to recover from TBI and multiple injuries. "This special book is a joy and a tribute to optimism and the human spirit. I marveled at the ability of Ms. Chadbourne to put together a treatment path that worked. Part of the unique quality of this book is the wonderful way the author correlates personal experiences with objective knowledge. Medically oriented notes help summarize and add to one's understanding. "A poignant poem within this book underscores the whole dreadful dilemma: does being an invalid mean that somehow one has become invalid? This book stresses that finding out how to recover what was lost is as important as dealing with the grief and fear that are inevitable. Aside from the soothing matter-of- factness which helps so much in a time of turmoil, this book actively guides the treatment process.

"I cried at the section recounting a Thanksgiving dinner where the author is trying to learn how to cook all over again. The confusion of her sons over whether all this fuss was really necessary brought back my experiences with my three sons, whose support is the only reason I survived at all. Like so many passages in this book, I kept relating it to my own experiences. How I wish this book had been available to us then! "Five years after my accident, I'm back working at the many facets of my life. But my sons and I wish we had had this book to read to help us find the way instead of stumbling constantly. This is an excellent guidebook to those foggy, barely charted corners of the mind that need exploring and a breathe of fresh air when recovering from TBI."

Madeline M. Daniels, Ph.D.
licensed clinical and forensic psychologist
author, social activist

"This volume of recovery from traumatic brain injury is both engaging and readable and full of valuable information. Mrs. Chadbourne offers not only a moving portrayal of how she struggled to overcome her injury, but she also highlights the significant ripple effect her injury had on her husband, family, and associates. When a family member suffers from TBI, the entire family is affected. I would urge caretakers and persons who have suffered from brain injuries to read this book."

Michael Brennan, MA, MSW
licensed clinical social worker
former Maine State Senate chair
Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services

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