About Parenting Myself
On August 14, 1990, Earlene Ahlquist Chadbourne went for a casual bicycle ride on a rural road in Saco, Maine. Six days later she woke up in a hospital unable to identify her husband as her husband and incapable of performing many of the skills she had mastered in her former life. All four quadrants of her brain had been injured. Thus began Chadbourne's long healing journey to regain memory and lost skills. Based on the extensive journals the author kept during the recovery process, Parenting Myself: Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury is the story of that journey. For anyone whose sense of identity is woven into what they can do, forgetting long-held skills is much like losing one's self. Parenting Myself is the story of skills and a life lost and regained.
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"Wow! This story triggers the numerous flashbacks of my own injuries and the aftermaths. Recovering from such an injury is more of a fight than anyone would guess and leaves lasting effects on our lives. Reading this account brings one of similar experiences constantly close to tears because it is so accurate. It needed to be said. Well done." Kent Verity, USN veteran, retired engineer, TBI survivor